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“Gaston, may I have my book, please?”
“How can you read this? There’s no pictures!”
“Well, some people use their imaginations.” – Beauty and The Beast

I like to think authors are normal people with the minds of millions of super fascinating, special people. How could one not be indulged in this incredible world of people that isn’t your own? ( I like to call this world my “great escape”).

I do understand that reading isn’t for everyone, but I believe it could be if we all just dived into something that sparks our interests.

On this blog, I’ve decided to do just that- spark your interest in books, authors, the technologies of reading and for the non-readers: books that will soon be adapted into films. I start off with a little history behind books and a list of some of the genre’s around the world. Here goes!

Writing began through simple communication- at first drawings, then writing out syllables, and eventually an alphabet came to be. Humans around the world first began to write on walls, rocks and bones. The first type of paper was the papyrus roll invented around 2400 B.C. The first library, the Alexandria Library, was founded in 295. Making paper more like we use today rather than a scroll began in China and then moved throughout the entire world along with the moveable type, leading to books on books on books for the rest of history to read! There’s more but that’s ultimately the gist of it.

Here are a list of some of the popular genres today! Who knows, maybe you’ll see one that jumps out at you….

Fiction: the BIGGEST(and most fascinating) genre of them all! This applies to anything completely made up, obviously. Sub-genre’s include mystery, romance, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, comedic fiction, western, horror, erotica, women’s fiction, new adult, historical fiction, and war fiction.

Non-fiction: this is real life, man. You have narrative nonfiction, travel and memoirs here.

Young Adult(YA): Did you even know this was a real genre? Yeah, me either. It includes YA contemporary, YA science fiction/dystopian, YA historical, YA Fantasy, YA paranormal, YA mystery/thriller, YA romance, YA steampunk, YA LGBTQ, and middle grade.

Happy reading!!!

The information in this blog was found at these sites:

History of Books Timeline

Genre Information


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