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McKAY’s- the Ultimate Used Bookstore

Everyone’s been to Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million at least once in their life. These bookstores are always in stock of the newest and most popular books. Strolling around, reading the first chapter of every new teen angst happens frequently for some. If your lucky, you can even find a Starbucks to sip on while looking for the perfect book to get lost in.

While these are all fantastic characteristics to have in a bookstore, they have just a few things that can’t be bought. For example: hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books from any genre and time you can imagine; Books that are older than your grandmother, with yellow pages and handwritten notes to, or from, the owner. A series of books for ONE DOLLAR. One! Incredible. I love you, Barnes and Noble, but you can’t do that.

But McKAY’s can.

McKAY’s is a huge bookstore/warehouse in 3 cities in Tennessee: Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga. And by huge, I mean really, really, really big.

It gets better. Not only is it used books that are way cheaper than anything you could buy online or at another bookstore, but you can trade and/or sell your books! But wait, there’s more! On the upper level is an entire collection of CD’s from over the years and movies are available too! All of Netflix is basically within Mckay’s DVD collection. Talk about paradise for anyone into books, CD’s and/or movies.

Okay, so there’s no Starbucks, and wifi probably isn’t available here, and neither are comfy chairs to sit in for hours on end, but the books are endless and the trip is so worth it. Check it out if you get the time!

McKAY’s website

McKAY’s in  Nashville, TN

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