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Tips for Reading

Tangled-Read-a-Book-2Everyone has to read in school. We gain the knowledge we need to know for nearly every subject from books. But sometimes that means being extremely bored for hours at a time. Reading books for classes you might have no interest in can be hard. It makes it especially difficult to focus and take in the information given. I’ve come up with a few tips to try out when another reading is assigned and the boredom sets in.

  1. Don’t procrastinate- a difficult one for every student. Putting off a boring assignment is definitely a problem of my own and I know I’m not alone there. Next time you know a reading is due, make a note to finish it 2 days before class so you won’t be stressed about it the night before or even the morning of.
  2. Make a goal. Once you know the date a reading assignment is due, make a goal of finishing a certain number of pages every day. Maybe try reading 5 pages a night right before you go to bed. You’ll finish that chapter in no time!
  3. Take a break. Every 5 to 10 pages, do something you enjoy. Watch 10 minutes of your show on Netflix or do 10 minutes of another assignment. Taking breaks will allow you to focus on the information you’re reading.
  4. Re-read. If you read a sentence that went straight over your head, don’t keep reading. Take a minute to re-read the sentence and fully understand it before moving on to the next.
  5. Take notes. Writing can help you remember what happened in the chapter. Try making an outline or using sticky notes to write what you thought was especially important to remember.



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