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Bringin’ books to life 1 TV show at a time



Books these days are usually within a series. And a series within another series. And then a spin off book happens and this entire fictional universe is so big that it’s almost real. So, 289096-4eventually someone out there decides to take it a little further to becoming real life and make a TV show out of it with endless seasons and even more spin offs.

As annoying as it may sound, some of these shows have actually made it pretty big and have done a good job at portraying the ultimate story of the book.

gematrunaRecent popular books-turned-shows include The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Pretty Little Liars, The Shannara Chronicles,  Shadowhunters, and Game of Thrones.

Although I’ve only seen or read a handful of these, it’s cool that we have the technology to bring these books to life with a more productive way to tell the story without leaving things out or rushing the plot like in movies. The_100

Now, not all of these shows stick to the original storyline of the book. Most of them end up changing the plot to keep the story going for viewers.
But if you are interested in these types of shows, maybe check out the book versions, or if you love the books, check out the show!






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