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“Me Before You”


Maybe if you’ve visited the theater recently, you’ve seen this trailer. I mentioned it in a previous post on the top 10 NY Times Best Seller book list for this week. Obviously the book is pretty good so why not read it before the movie comes out in June! I know I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

So what’s this story about?

Well, since you asked, I’lll indulge you in the total sweetness this trailer portrays. Louisa Clark(Lou for short), played by Emilia Clarke, is desperate for a job. She’s a quirky girl with a cute personality. A job offer comes up that involves a man named William who is quadriplegic and needs to be taken care of. William is played by Sam Claflin.

The trailer goes on to show how depressed William is with his life being paralyzed from the neck down, but Lou and her shining personality begin to bring him joy. Eventually, he asks her on a date and they start to fall in love. Of course there are the ups and downs of every love story. In this particular one, it seems William becomes extremely sick as many quadriplegics do. We don’t know what will happen with Lou and William but this movie adaptation looks too good to pass on reading the book first.

I have a feeling you’ll need a box of tissues and extra chocolate while reading this one.

“Me Before You” is written by JoJo Moyes and set in England.

Check out the movie trailer below!


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