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Personalized Books


This past Christmas break, I remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing a sponsored picture. It was an ad for a book you can personalize for your children! I thought it was just the coolest thing ever and showed every parent I know with young kids. I would have died to be in the story with Belle and Ariel when I was little.

Not only can you specify it to your child, but their age group, the holiday, and their favorite characters are listed as options! They even have stuffed animals to go with some of the books.

AND don’t forget about us grown ups! You can personalize a photobook for any of your friends, parents or grandparents. You can also choose a book for any given occasion, such as a pregnancy, and put the couple’s name on the front of a baby book.

One more thing, there are customized coloring books…FOR GROWN UPS (meaning for us non-artistic folk).

Whoever came up with this whole thing is a genius.

Check out the website here!



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