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Book Review:The Baxter Family Series

I accidentally read part of this series once. It was a 4 book part almost towards the end of the entire series and I remember wondering why I was so confused.

This is probably the biggest series I’ve ever read. It has 23 books total in it. How it works is there are series within the series. I’ll explain how it works with the story. It almost reminds me of a soap opera in Christian fiction. The books follow the John and Elizabeth baxter, their children and their spouses and their friends throughout their lives. The book is written by Karen Kingsbury (She based a the Flanigan family in this series off of her own family).

The Baxter Family consists of five children, four girls and one boy: Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Erin and Luke. The first 5 books focus on each child specifically as they go through a difficult time in their life. It usually ends up being a pivotal moment for them when they realize that God and family are the only things they can truly have faith in.

The next five books focus on the shocking secret of another child that John and Elizabeth had given up for adoption before they married. All of the Baxter family must cope with this new member and try to get to know the 30 years of his life they missed out on.

The next four books focus on a friend of Ashley Baxter’s, Katy Hart, and her relationship with a man she never imagined to marry.

The next four books focus on John Baxter and his opportunity to lead two directors in Hollywood towards God’s love.

The last four books (the ones I accidentally read first) focus on Bailey Flanigan, a mutual friend of Katy Hart and the Baxter’s. It goes into detail of the life she discovers after college.

The very last book is a reunion of all of the characters.

It’s the most inspiring fiction I have ever read. Christian fiction isn’t a genre I thought I would absolutely love but Karen Kingsbury has become my favorite author- being a true example of joy and love through her books.Check out her website here.



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