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The most expensive comic books


Comic books are one of the most valued forms of literature of all time. It might be because of the amazing stories that came out of it or possibly the language and form its written in.

When I think of comic books, I automatically begin to think of superheroes, which is all where it began- Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and so on. Heroes in stories are dated back way before comic books were ever released, but this time a colorful picture was painted along with it- literally.

Comic books are not only part of precious history, but were so special that the primary edition are extremely limited- and extremely valuable. The top 10 most expensive comic book editions are below.

  1. First off is Action Comics No. 1: They made their first debut in 1938 and was the first to introduce Superman. This is known as the single most important comic book series that started it all according to Stephen Fishler. It is valued at $1.5 million!
  2. Detective Comics No. 27: Batman was introduced in this issue for the first time in 1939. It was 10 cents then and is now valued at $1.38 million!
  3. Superman No. 1: The comic solely dedicated to Superman’s story. This is valued at $671,000.
  4. The All-American Comics No. 16: This issue debuted The Green Lantern and is valued at $430,000.
  5. Detective Comics No. 1: It debuted in 1937 with both Batman and Superman. It is valued at $405,000.
  6. Marvel Comics No. 1: the first ever issue is valued at $367,000.
  7. Batman No. 1: Batman first came out in the Detective comics series but he got his own comic in 1940, which includes Robin. This is valued at $359,000.
  8. More Fun Comics. No.52 : this comic debuted in 1935 and ran until 1947. No. 52 introduced the world to The Spectre! Valued at $316,000!
  9. The Flash: No. 1 The first was released in 1940 and is valued at $289,000.
  10. And last but not least… Spiderman! Not too much surprise there being in the top 10. Spiderman appeared on the cover of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 in August 1960 and is valued at $280,000! They released the Amazing Spiderman shortly after its obvious popularity.

I found this information on this website here.



One thought on “The most expensive comic books

  1. Wow, thanks for the information! Superman has always been my favorite superhero, but I had no idea that he was the first comic. That’s awesome!


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